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Twitter Accounts For Sale

If someone offered you a thousand dollars for your Twitter account, would you take the money?  Two thousand? How much is amassing a following worth? That is the question in my head right now… My Twitter account is not for sale, but the idea seems to be out there floating around.

After all, people sell other virtual goods… I can buy MMO characters and web domains, so why shouldn’t I be able to buy a Twitter account from somebody who has amassed a following around a certain niche? Is there a difference?

This time last year, Rocketboom’s founder Andrew Baron put his 1,500 follower Twitter account up for sale on eBay with bids reportedly getting up to $1,500 before he took it down.  There was a pretty big ethical debate about it all in the comments of blogs following the story. I’m going to go out on a limb and admit tha I don’t fully understand why ethics would be involved at all… Chris Brogan’s traditional acquisition analogy  seems appropriate.  If Fox News or ESPN were to be bought by some other company, would an ethical debate ensue?

So why would there be an ethical debate around an individual selling his or her Twitter account profile? Hoping to get some comments because I seriously would like to know…

Photo by: tashmahal