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Leverage Your Ecosystem

By October 7, 2009 No Comments
Diagram showing a Second Class Lever
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Buzzword Alert!

I have noticed an overuse of two great buzzwords, lately, so I decided to put them together and talk about them both all at once. This way, I can gain some efficiencies, and lean out my blogging process…

Pull That Lever

There are a lot of things that I would like to leverage:

– my good looks
– my killer wit
– my charm

but social media isn’t one of them.

When you look up the word leverage you’re either going to find something about mechanical advantage or something about debt being used to supplement investment.

How do either one of those things apply to anything on-line?

The only real way to ‘leverage social media” is to start, in parallel, developing good content and good contacts. Without either of those two things, all you’re talking about leveraging is your wallet to buy ads on social networks.


The term ecosystem is emerging as a buzzword, pertaining to being social on-line in some way, that I will inevitably loathe. I’m sure of it… Although one aspect of the term may actually be a spot on description of the predatory content food chain on-line… I just can’t get into it for any other reasons. What are the “food webs” on-line and how do they work?

Am I just supposed to pretend that this metaphor works?

And is a food chain really how I want to refer to my “friends” on-line?

What’s wrong with the word network? Has putting the word social in front of it ruined it for everybody? Because we don’t really have to do that all the time either, you know. Professional networks exist, as do sports networks and network television.

I personally really like the term network because I think it’s an accurate reflection of what it describes.

What Do You Think?

Are these hard working buzzwords that I just need to leave alone? Have you grown fond of one over the years? Do you look forward to growing old together with the new one? Let me know what you think in the comments below.