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Are You Choking? There’s an App for that…

By February 8, 2010 4 Comments

I am Choking Application ScreenshotWith all of the iPhone apps out there that allegedly “help you with your business” or “revolutionize the health care industry” or “entertain you” it’s nice to finally find an App that can:

“Save Lives!”

Enter I am Choking, the only free app, that I know of, allowing users to let anybody and everybody clearly know that they are choking.

Has it really taken us until 2010 to build such functionality? As a child, I remember fearing that I would one day come across somebody who was choking only to A. not understand that they were choking and B. not know what to do about it.

Sound familiar?

The I am Choking app solves both of those problems and because I work with him at my day job, I was able to catch up with the force behind this application, Mathias Kolehmainen. Below is a behind the scenes look into the mind of somebody who is clearly scary awesome:

Exclusive Interview Alert

I am Choking Demo Screenshot@hallicious – I love the I am Choking App and can’t wait to use it in a real world scenario. I see it as the first transcendental application on the iPhone. Why did you build it?
@mathiask – Not to get too philosophical, but before I am Choking, there was no use for your hand held device should you ever find yourself choking on a piece of steak or a noodle. I wanted to make the hand held device relevant in such a situation… Much like if you have no clue where you are, you can pull out your phone and find a way home. I am Choking has integrated the iPhone into the choking experience, making it relevant in a dire circumstance.

@hallicious – That’s amazing. What motivates you, as a world class innovator?
@mathiask – I would say that technology motivates me as a world class innovator. Technology has given me and my family so much, over the years. I feel compelled to give back until it hurts.

@hallicious – Phenomenal. Last question… Now that I am Choking has debuted on the iPhone, to rave reviews, are there any plans to port it over to Android?
@mathiask – I’ve thought about porting it to Android and if anybody at Google wants to provide me with a Nexus One, I’d be happy to make that happen.

@hallicious – Tremendous. Mathias, on behalf of myself and all three of my regular readers I’d like to thank you for your work as a humanitarian and for your time with me today. I know I’m really looking forward to finding out what’s next from Thought Shaping.

There you have it, folks. Click here to learn more about the free app that is changing the world or find it from your iPhone by searching “I am Choking.”