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How To Stalk an Influencer’s Conversations

By February 19, 2010 2 Comments

[Disclaimer up Front / Gratuitous Plug in the Rear ~ I work for Humana, the company that built the creation of the awesomeness you are about to behold. Today, I personally found a use that could give people who want to meet other people an edge. The thoughts below are my own, have not been vetted through any Humana approval process, and do not represent anything Humana would ever think about saying…]

Have you ever wanted to stalk an online influencer’s conversations before reaching out to them, but just didn’t know how because it’s way too hard? What if there was a tool that made stalking internet influencer conversations, and the people they’re having them with, a whole lot easier?

I co-created myTPSreport.com with @mathiask to track keywords, but have found that it can also work for conversation stalking if that’s your bag. Conversation stalking is like eavesdropping into the personal public conversations a given online influencer is having with their, what we can perceive to be, close connections.

@JasonFalls Case Study

Let’s say you just heard about Jason Falls because you read CNN or Mashable. You determine that he must be some sort of influencer to get quoted by those two prestigious institutions and want to stalk him a little bit before reaching out to him…

You want to stalk him primarily because you want to increase the likelihood that he will respond to you. Knowing who’s talking to him and what they’re talking about gives you insight that keeps you from coming off as irrelevant.

But you also want to stalk him because you’re kind of a creepy person who I’m definitely not judging right now.

Traditionally you can meet almost anybody online by commenting on their blogs, following/tweeting them, etc. But let’s say you want an edge over everyone else who does that stuff to strangers. You want to get acquainted with the people Jason’s talking to as well as Jason. Total CIA, Donnie Brasco undercover work to put your best foot forward during a first impression.

How would you do that?

You could use Mailana to visualize Jason’s relationships. (I’ve spoken with Pete Warden and he’s a super cool guy)

You could try to triangulate who Falls follows along with two other influencers (Like Marshall Kirkpatrick talked about here).

Or you can use myTPSreport.com. (A free Twitter Conversation Analytics Engine allowing you to find the who, what, when and where around any Twitter Search.)

who If you want to know who is talking to Jason the most over a certain period of time, then look at the top tweeters graph and you can find out in descending order. Extra Bonus if you already know anybody on the list. Click on a name and all of the tweets from that person containing @jasonfalls in them will appear in the tweet stream on the right hand side. Stalkertastic, right?

stalk the people tweeting to influencers the most with this graph

what Check out the trending topics around what people are saying when they talk about @jasonfalls. Click on a topic and peep all the tweets that have that word in them in the tweet stream on the right hand side.

what do people say when talking to/about @jasonfalls

when The analyze over time graph shows you spikes in the conversation around @jasonfalls. This information could be helpful to know, to attempt to optimize when you send him a message. The fewer mentions he’s looking at, the higher the chances he may reply to a random stranger’s your tweet.

find the best time to tweet an online influencer with this graph

where Look on the map in the main viewer to get an idea of the places where Jason is getting tweeted from. Clicking on a red bubble will populate the tweet stream with tweets from that location. Or you can do the same from the Tweetingest Places graph.

Stalk internet influencers by the location of people tweeting them

Use myTPSreport

One cool thing that I didn’t mention is that you are allowed to save searches for easy access when you come back. This means that there are a lot of other applications for myTPSreport.com outside of stalking internet influencers. Please let me know how you’re using it in the comments below.


  • JasonFalls says:

    Wow. You guys have certainly improved MyTPSReport since I last saw it. Well done. And thanks for using me as an example, as embarrassing as that can be. Great stuff.

    And to those of you wishing to stalk me, bring it. Just don't spam me. (I have a page you should read – http://socialmediaexplorer.com/how-to-pitch-sme/

  • Hallicious says:

    Thanks Jason. I'm really pumped about the new design from a usability standpoint. 🙂 No more clicking through different screens and what not.

    And thanks for being the subject of my “Case Study,” even though I didn't ask… Love you man. 🙂