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Yo Gabba Gabba, Music and Your Health

By March 22, 2010 No Comments

[Disclaimer Alert: I work in Humana’s Innovation Center, where we found out that kids have the power to get their parents to be active. These thoughts are my own though.]

Yo Gabba Gabba came to Cincinnati this past weekend so we loaded up the C-Unit and trekked eastward to catch the show with some good friends. In case you’re not familiar, Yo Gabba Gabba is a children’s show on Nick Jr. that teaches kids the essentials. Check out what Rob Walker of the New York Times wrote about it here.

I happen to love the show because it focuses on music. But not just crappy kid music… really good music. The musicians that play are in groups that I like, and they play songs that make kids and adults alike want to get up and move around.

Music & Health

During the show, as I looked around, I couldn’t help but notice the movement. People were rocking out, and the beauty of the rocking was in the disparity of the ages of the people doing the rocking. The music of Yo Gabba Gabba trancends age. Because it’s good, adults can listen to the songs, learn the words and sing and dance with their kids. Because it’s good, dancing and smiling can happen. Because it’s good, fun can be had.

So what, right?

I’m talking about Yo Gabba Gabba because I feel that Yo Gabba Gabba equals fun. I’ve experienced it on TV and on mp3 and have seen it with my kids with my own eyes. After this weekend, I realized that a lot of other people experience it too. And that I’m not some kind of weirdo… or at least there are a lot of other weirdos out there like me.

I also think it’s important to talk about this because I believe that this type of fun leads to activity… And we know that increased activity can lead to better health.

Putting it all together, I couldn’t help but think that Yo Gabba Gabba can be beneficial to people’s health. If nothing else it gets people up, moving, and feeling young again. Something as simple as a kid’s TV show with outlandish characters, quirky animations, and slamming music leads to crazy dancing and fun across generations, which leads to health and happiness. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the songs for yourself and try not to get into it. Then let me know what you think about Yo Gabba Gabba, music and health in the comments below.