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Stories Are Importante

Reading Aloud to Children
Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

It turns out that the Easter Bunny happened to leave a bunch of Berenstain Bears Books at our house last weekend, a note was left with the books signed by the Easter Bunny, which is how I know that the Easter Bunny left them… plus another tip-off was that they showed up inside the house on Easter Sunday.

My daughter’s enthusiasm to have the parables read to her this past week reminded me how important stories are in our lives. Her enthusiasm also reminded me how much I used to enjoy reading Berenstain Bears books.

Listening Ain’t Easy

As much as I love telling my own stories, I equally enjoy listening to other people’s stories because I think that’s where the good stuff is at. If you want to find out how to do something, and what not to do while you’re doing it, then ask somebody who’s been there. Interrupt them with questions along the way to get the rich details that they may have just inadvertently glossed over.

Be an active listener and learn from people just like my daughter is learning from the Berenstain Bears… Then take over the world with your new found knowledge.

Disclaimer alert: Chris Brogan is having a contest to win a free book and this is my entry