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Using Data

People Who Bought This…

By May 3, 2010 No Comments
Data storage - old and new
Image by Ian-S via Flickr

I’ve been talking about this function on Amazon for a while now, to anybody and everybody who will listen. And I was lucky enough to have telephone conversations with two people I admire fairly recently, Valdis Krebs and Bernardo Huberman, to talk a bit about the subject.

It feels like an argument needs to be made that what people actually do is at least as important, if not more important, than what they talk about doing. Amazon.com gives you that information in the form of “people who bought this item also bought item X.”

The team that brought you myTPSreport.com is working on another prototype right now that will initially allow you to input a group of product SSIN ID numbers into it to map out what is also purchased when that item is purchased.

Not looked at…

Not queried on…


Where’s The Overlap

The ideal future for a tool like this would be to allow a user to type in a keyword, search any/all categories on Amazon and come back with the products that overlap most of the products within that given segment. What also gets bought?

That will go into the next iteration.

I really think that a tool like this could have a lot of application in general, but for the world of well-being in particular, as products from each wellness vertical can be looked up and understood in a new context. It could also give us some good leads on potentially influential people to follow and get to know in those given segments.

Questions on my mind right now are: What do people buy, in general, when they buy a book on the Atkins diet? Or when they buy a new pedometer?

But not just the most popular of these items. We’re talking, what do people buy when they buy every one of the products in a given product segment.