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The Internal Social Media Pitch

By May 14, 2010 4 Comments


  • “Social Media Projects aren't Different” is a great header, and just as true for outward facing efforts (at least in the fundamentals). I would add “familiarity” to your bullets. It dispels fear, teaches language and energizes planning.

  • nickhuhn says:

    so are “outcomes” part of the strategy/planning tenet? seems like a common inclusion on most non-SM projects, yet no one expects a 'viral' article and resultant speaking gig for an ERP project. Stating anticipated – realistic – outcomes is probably another strong part of a good formula like you've laid out here

  • Hallicious says:

    Good call, Nick. They wanted me to talk about how to pitch SM projects internally, so I told them three things you need to understand before making the pitch. I made it this way because I feel that people put too much emphasis on words like “viral,” when they can just as easily fit an SM project pitch into their company's current processes, whatever they may be…

    Business objectives are usually covered in a planning phase, so that's where any problem statements and projected outcomes would go, in my mind. For example, if I need a project charter before I can kick-off then I'm already projecting Opportunity Cost and/or ROI in that document.

    Knowing how an organization plans is key, for sure.

  • Hallicious says:

    That's what I was getting at, Jonathan, you nailed it. We're not trying to do anything really new here. Making things familiar gives a person a higher likelihood of successfully pitching a social media project to the powers that be…