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Mapping Linked Posts vs. Linked Sites

By May 17, 2010 No Comments
Full New MTR System Map with Southern Kowloon Link
Image by Hong Kong dear Edward via Flickr

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about visualizing relationships between blog posts / web pages vs. visualizing relationships between blogs / web sites.


If you have a site and you link to another site from your homepage that tells me that you have a relationship with that other site. Whether it’s reciprocal or not, you have identified that, at the very least, you endorse the content on that other site. One sided relationships are still relationships to visualize in this case.

However, inferring that you have a connection with everything on that other site may be a stretch. Thinking of my own site, the topics that I write about have varied over the past year and a half. So if some third party marketer assumed that I would spread a message because a site I linked to on my homepage wrote about it, that may or may not be the case.


Whereas, if you have a site and you write a post about a specific keyword, and you link that post to another post on-line with the same or similar keywords, that tells me that you have a relationship with that other site, as well. Only it tells me that you’re connecting on a specific topic that I, or some other third party marketer, may care about.

If we could map out all of those connections around specific topics, from post to post, then we may be able to track down some good old fashioned influencers.

Building It

I spoke with Carol Leaman at PostRank last Friday and it sounds like they may have something like that in the works. But if they don’t, (or even if they do), I think that I need to introduce myself to Marc Smith because I can’t shake the feeling that our dev team could somehow combine PostRank data with NodeXL to get me the well-being influencer sociograms that I covet.

So that I can truly help my colleagues with their relationship marketing efforts…