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Making Friends for Fun and Profit

By June 11, 2010 No Comments
Relationship marketing means making friends

photo by: bradley j

Let’s talk for a minute about what social media is really good for, shall we? I have this crazy idea that social media has made everybody, who uses it, accessible. That’s what it’s good for, finding and connecting with people. You now have access to anyone and everyone. Take a moment to let that sink in a bit.

What could being able to connect to previously inaccessible people mean for you?

For me, it means a lot. It means that I can read this, say this, and connect with this guy over the phone the next week. The small world irony being that our companies already have a contractual relationship with one another.

The key is that I’m not selling anything, except myself… I’m honestly and earnestly trying to find like-minded people to make friends with, because friendship is what makes the social internets go around.

Friendship spreads messages.

Finding The Right People

Being able to connect with anybody is only half the battle, though. Most of your investment in social media, that you’d want to see a return on, is in time. Time is money. Therefore, you have to be able to connect with right anybodies, not just anybody. You need to connect with people who can help you and these people also need to be people who you can help.

So how do you go about doing this?

There’s this one tool that I’m really high on to help with the leg work. And I’ve come up with a methodology that I’ve been toying around with, in presentation form. It’s called: Relationship Marketing to Social Media ROI.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below: