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The Verdict Is In: Monday Is Not The Worst Day Of The Week

By May 20, 2011 One Comment

It’s amazing what a single piece of data, recorded daily, can tell you. This time, we set out to discover the best and worst days of the week by anonymously aggregating at least 50 mood ratings from 500 Mood 24/7 members. The results were different than expected. While 14% of Mood 24/7 members feel that Monday is their worst day of the week, a whopping 19%, or 5% more,  feel that Tuesday is the worst day. We think that this is enough evidence to exonerate Monday from the bum rap it has experienced for so long now. The data also showed that although 18% of Mood 24/7 members TGIF, an astounding 25% rate Sunday as their best day of the week.

After uncovering these truths, we’re left asking “what does it mean” as if we just saw a double rainbow. That’s where you come in…

First, do you agree with our findings. Is Tuesday the worst day of the week and is Sunday, in fact, the best day? Also, what do you think your best and worst days of the week are? Let us know in the comments below, and if you really want to know for yourself you can sign up to Mood 24/7 and start rating your mood daily by texting it with your cell phone. It’s absolutely free, although standard text message rates apply.

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Mood 24/7 was developed by HealthCentral based on technology licensed exclusively from Johns Hopkins University to help you track your daily mood. Pick a time of day to receive a daily text message, rate your mood each day when the text comes and share your results with people you trust.

One Comment

  • FancyScrubs says:

    And we thought we just made it past Monday…..and isn’t Friday the best day of the week? The anticipation of the weekend is so great on Fridays.