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Mood 24/7… Now with E-mail reminders

By June 29, 2011 No Comments

Photo of a mailbox to signify that Mood 24/7 now has E-mail remindersOver the past 10 months, it’s become clear that text messages just don’t work for some people. They either don’t have a text plan, have a plan that makes it hard to receive texts from a shortcode, or don’t live in the U.S. We’ve been listening. I’m happy to announce that Mood 24/7 now allows users to set up E-mail reminders in lieu of text message reminders, giving you three ways now to track and update your mood on a daily basis.

Please note that if you’re happy receiving text messages from Mood 24/7, then this change will not affect you in any way. However, if you would like to start receiving E-mail reminders from Mood 24/7, instead of text message reminders, then this new feature is for you. It’s important to understand that if you opt in to start receiving E-mail reminders from Mood 24/7, they will work exactly the same way that the text message reminders work. However, instead of receiving a text message from Mood 24/7 once a day, you’ll receive an E-mail.

The daily E-mail has a link that leads to a secure web form where you’ll enter your numerical mood rating and optional comments. Clicking Post will submit your update to your account, and then you’re done.


new account If you’re creating a new Mood 24/7 account, then simply select E-mail for your Daily Mood Prompt and you will receive E-mails from Mood 24/7 at the time you specify, each day.

A picture of the Daily Mood Prompt toggler

existing account If you already have a Mood 24/7 account and would like to switch from receiving text message reminders to E-mail reminders, then follow these instructions:

–          Log into your account

–          Click Account in the right hand navigation

–          Then Click Account Settings

–          Look for Daily Message Prompt in your Account Settings and click Change

–          Click the drop down box and select E-mail

–          Click Update and you’re done

Mood 24/7 Account Settings Change Picture


I’m excited that Mood 24/7 can take your mood ratings via text message, directly on the website and now from E-mail. Start getting E-mail reminders today and let me know what you think.


Mood 24/7 was developed by HealthCentral based on technology licensed exclusively from Johns Hopkins University to help you track your daily mood. Sign up for free and pick a time of day to receive a text message. You can even share your results with doctors, family and friends in your trusted circle.