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Public Health and Design

By October 17, 2011 One Comment

I volunteered to put some posters together during Vaccination Awareness month this year as part of the #hcsmvac crew and I had a pretty good time of it. I followed a photoshop tutorial to make one design and attached a Google Map to a QR code for the other design. You can get the full story and find out how to do it yourself by clicking here.

This experience first led me to think about the intersection of public health and design. I realize that really smart people are already thinking about this, but that hasn’t stopped me from applying my brain power as well. The angle that is interesting to me specifically, is what if public health messages were cool enough to be put on T-shirts that people actually wore around. This wasn’t exactly all my idea, although I’ve been into T-shirt design for some time. I attended this year’s e-Patient Connections conference and saw what Zemoga and PSFK have done with UNICEF with regards to public health messages on shirts. See slide 7 for a visual.

And that gave me the idea to try to put something together myself:

Three Step Process to the Breast Self Exam

It wasn’t until after I put the design together that I learned about Pinkwashing and that Breast Self Exams aren’t as effective as once thought. Thanks to my friend Veronica Combs and to Katherine O’Brien for the education. That being said, I’m glad I put it together because it has helped me to imagine what could be… Not just with breast cancer, but with public health in general. I am inspired by both the design of Otl Aicher and the concept of information visualization… and now I’m thinking of of what’s next.

What do you think?

One Comment