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Little Dialers Twitter Spam?

By October 25, 2011 2 Comments

Fake Amazon SiteI was optimizing my Google Reader feeds this morning and I happened to check up on my LittleDialers listening station. Little Dialers is an app that I designed and financed the development of to teach my, then four year old, daughter an emergency phone number. You can read the behind the music here and see what people said about it here.

Long story short, my daughter rapidly learned her mom’s cell phone number and a bunch of my friends’ kids had similar results, but it never “took off” in the app store. I think I may have broke 200 downloads over the course of two months, which is definitely less than my strike it rich gold-rush app store aspirations. So it served its purpose in A. Teaching my daughter a phone number and how to use the phone in general and B. Teaching me about app development and promotion by doing…

The key takeaway here is that I haven’t even thought about promoting it since around the May timeframe.

So you can imagine my surprise this morning when I saw that three twitter accounts randomly promoted my LittleDialers app to actual Twitter users. (pic of one of the tweets below) The best part is that they’re using the name Little Dialers in the tweet but linking to a fake Amazon site to try to get people to buy iPhones, I guess? (screen shot above)

I’m writing this post, for the record, so that nobody thinks that I am a part of this scheme in any way. I am not. Since one account has been suspended, it appears as though the problem may be taking care of itself, but I don’t know that I have any way of stopping this in the future. If you have any ideas or comments, let them rip below.

spam tweet to a twitter user


  • Keith Ringer says:

    Chris, I ended up buying one of your junkie iPhones and I want my money back! All I wanted was a Little Dialers app. I feel so used 🙂

    JK. It’s just amazing what spammers get into. I see it every week in my digital insights reports for clients. Spammers are insidious.

    • Hallicious says:

      LOL and I agree… The “Thank you for SPAMMING me” side of me is impressed with the always probing for solutions mentality that SPAMMERs exhibit. 🙂