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Good ideas are all around us… the fun part is putting them together. I found this start-up idea generator doing some five minute Google due diligence after brainstorming a similar idea with someone I met and talked with for the first time tonight. It turns out that this other start-up idea generator¬†actually got written up by TechCrunch, for the win. So you could say that the market is saturated. The market for what, exactly? I don’t know. That was the fun part of the conversation. The two of us couldn’t think of a real reason for making a silly idea generator, or what purpose it could serve. But it didn’t matter, and that reminded me of good times.

It was really fun collaborating with somebody I didn’t know at all. Just riffing off of each other like two drunk guys at a house party. I think that’s the moral of this story, because it’s tough to find people you can do that with… I would like to try to do it more often, or until it gets weird.

For the record, none of the ideas we came up with tonight were as good as the one I found.