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Quantified Self Conference 2012

By September 28, 2012 One Comment

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Quantified Self Organizers Meeting as well as the 2012 Conference at Stanford, and was moved by the experience. If you don’t know what the Quantified Self movement is all about, then you can read more about it here. I went into this adventure thinking that I had to throw bigger and better events in my local market, to put Louisville on the proverbial map. That somehow we could prove that we belong among this crowd that regularly throws larger than life Meetups in bigger markets. But I came out of the five day journey with a much deeper understanding of what Quantified Self is all about.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The big take away for me was how I should be measuring success… and it’s definitely quality over quantity. Connection trumps volume. The way that the Organizer’s Meeting was structured, it was impossible to not strike up a conversation with someone who was immensely interesting. And I don’t know when I’ve ever been among 40-50 people who were as open and friendly as they were intellectually stimulating. This is what Alexandra Carmichael, Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf have created and it has inspired me.

I left the Organizer’s Meeting with a new sense of purpose. I would selfishly like to seek out all of the similar, curious and interesting people, wherever I may be, and hang out with them both individually and as a group. Whether or not I’m able to find enough of them to satisfy my own desire for growth and learning is how I will measure success, not by how many fill up a room… This was a much needed course correction for me and I’m very happy that I made the trek to receive it. Thank you, Gary. 🙂

If you’re in the Louisville area and want to hang out, feel free to reach out and/or join our meetup group.


photo by: rajivzume

One Comment