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I have a daughter with pre-asthmatic symptoms, and that makes me and my wife care-givers for someone with (a potential) chronic condition. She has an inhaler that she takes two puffs from every night, but I couldn’t tell you the name or dosage of the medicine coming out of that inhaler. She takes gummi vitamins and some nose spray every night, as well. She also has a rescue inhaler, just in case, and takes over-the-counter Allegra as needed.

I’ve given her this prescription drug, over-the-counter medication and vitamin a lot over the last two years, but if a doctor asked me what she was taking, I’d be screwed because I haven’t memorized the names and dosages. Call me a bad parent, but I also never memorize the names and dosages when medications are prescribed to me… Sound familiar?

It turns out that not knowing the names and dosages of medicines is a pretty big problem for patients and caregivers in America, with 30 million Americans taking 5 or more prescription medications… an amazing stat that doesn’t even account for over-the-counter meds and nutraceuticals. This is the problem that me and some friends set out to solve, when we created Pillfolio during a summer, health app development challenge sponsored by the City of Louisville. We took second place in the contest and used the money to push the app out into Apple’s App Store.

If you take a lot of pills or are a caregiver for somebody who does, it’s tough to keep track of everything. What if you could carry all of your pills with you, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins, in a password protected application? Pillfolio allows you to do this, and I feel a lot better now that I have everything my daughter takes, in a secure location on my phone.

Download Pillfolio for free and start taking all of your pills with you to every appointment.



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  • Chris – congrats! This app looks great and I love how low the barrier to entry is (no searching and choosing your drug from a list of official ones.. you just take a picture of your label and thats it!).

    Congrats again and looking forward to whatever you work on and release next!