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I had the fortune of meeting Tony Stubblebine, founder of Lift, virtually in 2011 and in real life last fall. Tony writes an annual post reflecting on his year and after reading five or so of his reflection posts, I thought it was an amazing idea… so I’ve stolen it and made it my own below. Sidenote: I learned this year that reflecting daily really helps me work through issues in my head and focus on what is important to me. I’m hoping that reflecting on the year will help me remember where I’ve been to help me know where I’m going and why.

After experiencing it, I totally recommend this type of reflection:


Hit up the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival and decided I super love “real” maple syrup

Hit the beach for Spring Break and played frisbee and dolphin taxi with the kids for three straight days of awesomeness

Built a trampoline in the backyard for Cyra’s birthday and spent hours jumping, laughing and getting wet with the kids this spring and summer

Toured Hanover College and downtown Madison, IN with Carrie’s teenage brother, when he stayed with us for two weeks over the summer

Partied with my sister, nephew and niece for a week during the Quantified Self Conference at Stanford.

Hung out with my mom during both Cyra and Cassius’ birthdays this year. Convinced her to speak at the Quantified Self Louisville Meetup I put together and worked with her on her presentation. One of the coolest experiences of the year, for sure.

Bought a big screen TV for the basement and am getting the kids hooked on video games. Lego Batman is Cassius’ favorite

Drove through a blizzard to spend Christmas in Minnesnowta with my mom, sister, niece, uncles and cousins


Planned six Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement meetings in two months culminating in a meeting with the Mayors of Louisville and Lexington just prior to the UofL vs. UK Final Four matchup

Decided to move into non-profit sector doing software dev project management and standing up a project management office

Consulted on the side under an LLC called OODATRON. Made enough money to completely set myself up with a new media studio and used that studio to:

– Consult with two, awesome psychologists on a web app concept

– Grow ChoreMonster’s beta userbase from 2,000 to 20,000 over the summer and decided to part ways amicably

Take second place at a local health hack-a-thon – idea lead to creation of Pillfolio app

– Design and not give up on Kantine, a half developed water drinking app

– Plan a successful, Quantified Self Louisville Meetup that got my mom written up in the Louisville Courier Journal

Well Being & Downtime

Sat by Carrie and watched the following shows:

– Game of Thrones Season 1

– Breaking Bad (Actually caught up and watched the past season on AMC in real time)

– Various Bones episodes

– Dexter Season 6

– Fringe Season 1

Purchased Fitbits and started being mindful of steps I take (working toward 10k a day) and the amount of sleep I get (working toward 6-7 hours per night)

Watched Batman – Dark Knight Rises in the theatre and loved it

Watched the Washington Nationals clinch their first playoff appearance in over 100 years, or whatever it was…

Started tracking the following, on a daily basis, and rating them on a 1-3 scale (FAP). Sharing results with my psychologist friend, Gareth and looking to increase the risks I take:

– Risks I Took

– Challenges I Faced

– Appreciations I Had

– Things That Made Me Proud

– How I Took Care of Myself

– Mood

Lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks on the Almased diet

Played a lot of Fallout 3, Skyrim and NBA 2k12 on the Xbox 360

Started a couple books but actually finished reading:

– The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

– Do More Faster by Brad Feld

– The Honest Truth about Dishonesty by Dan Ariely


– Seattle, WA
– Sugarbush, IN
– Lexington, KY
– Frankfort, KY
– Pensacola, FL
– Huntsville, AL
– Madison, IN
– San Jose, CA
– Stanford, CA
– San Francisco, CA
– Washington, DC
– Austin, MN